8 Commandments of Mosley

FOCUS   Our focus is providing value that enhances
your business
ADAPT   Our strategies are rooted in the belief that we all need to adapt at the speed of change
PROFIT   We believe in protecting profitability
CUSTOM   One size does not fit all and best practices can be deceiving
GROWTH   Incremental and sustainable growth is key
TRUTH   The truth about your situation, good or bad is the foundation for change
PARTNER   Vendors change coke machines, we believe in partnership
ALIGN   If our philosophies align, then we should do business, if they don’t then we shouldn’t

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I doubt Janet Jackson was thinking about the car business when she wrote, "What Have You Done for Me Lately." But the title of her 1986 single sums up our industry, because everyone from the showroom salesperson to the advisor on the service drive has to face that question daily. Unfortunately, the car business can be monotonous, causing even quality sales professionals to fall into patterns that zap them of their potential. This month, I'd... [read more]

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